About US Volleybal

General information

US Volleybal is one of the biggest volleyball clubs in Amsterdam. The highest women’s team is playing in the second highest division of the national volleyball competition and the hightest mens team is playing in the second division. In total US has 200 members, divided over 9 women’s teams and 7 mens teams. We play our home games mostly on Saturday at sportshall Amstelcampus in Amsterdam.

Originally US Volleybal is a student association, but since the mid eighties it has expanded beyond students. Many of our members are studying or have graduated from one of the universities of Amsterdam and increasingly more international members are joining.

In 2003 a few US players started the (seperate) US Volleybal Jeugd association to educate youth players. The aim is for them to transition into the senior competition of US Volleybal when they reach adulthood. There are now around 75 members in the youth association.

Practical details

Depending on the level of your team, you will practice once, twice or three times a week for two hours, from 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm or 9-11 pm. Our practices are either at the Amstelcampus or at ROC – MBO College Zuid at Europaboulevard. Have a look at our teams for more details.

The season starts in September and ends in April/May. You will have approximately one match a week, except for holiday weeks. The higher the level of your team, the further away you will have to travel. If your team plays promotion class or lower, you will stay mostly in the area of Amsterdam or the province of North Holland for all of the matches.

Interested in becoming a member?

To start, join us at a pratice! We would like to invite you to a few practices in order to assess your skill level and to mach you with the right team. Please contact our Technical Commisson (TC) first to express your interest.

Once we have found a fitting team you must fill out our application form to become a member of US Volleybal. We will ensure you are registered as an official player with the Nevobo, the Dutch Volleyball Association.

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