VCN – Pharmafilter US D1: a tough fight

28 maart 2022

WEDSTRIJDVERSLAG – It’s been a long weekend for US Dames 1, the weekend of 19th/20th March! After going for the win in Haarlem on Saturday we travelled to Capelle aan den IJssel on Sunday afternoon, with so much motivation to put on another show on the court.

The energy was great even though we had played four sets the day before. Probably because we’ve started off with an intense warm-up game of “zoemen zoemen” led by Suus, that was very challenging for Pres. 😅 After having activated our minds and a good prep talk from our coaches we knew that we had to be very sharp and give even more than we did the day before. 

Started off well

We’ve started off well in the first set and managed to take the lead during the beginning. Naty’s sets were very well distributed, going for our middles whenever possible. And Sanne and Anneke were definitely delivering and scoring a lot of points. However VCN managed to increase serving pressure towards the second half of the set and we came just short, losing 21:25. 

It was a party

The second and third set were a totally different story: Working hard for every point, playing great defence and serving very tough, we took the second set 25:18 and the third set 25:7! It was definitely a party – full of good vibes and team spirit, like this team usually shows on the court! 🎉 Big up to Sanne vL whose serving was just incredible and made it very tough to receive for VCN! Also Soof’s and Suus’ hitting was very impressive! 

Battle of defence plays

After the first three sets we eventually started feeling the fatigue. The 4th set was a battle full of spectacular defence plays on both sides. VCN made it difficult for us to score. We’ve kept coming back with some hard hits, but we didn’t manage to seize our opportunities and missed out on the most important points. In the end we lost this one 22:25.

Only 1 point

Going into the tie break we’ve really tried everything and gave it our best. We put on a fight and everyone outside the court was so supportive, cheering and singing all the way! Unfortunately it wasn’t enough this time – we lost 10:15 and brought only 1 point back home to Amsterdam.

But we went straight back to work on Monday already! We’re definitely learning from this game and will do our very best for the upcoming one this weekend! 💪🏻

#9 Julia Hodl